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November 2021

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Inspiring young people to expect more from the world of work


Running throughout November 2021, we will be hosting a series of Broadcasts and school-specific VTalks and in-person talks with eminent leaders from a range of different industries who have experienced mental health struggles themselves or are leading the charge to prioritise mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. 



Speakers scheduled to host broadcasts include: 

See our upcoming Broadcast talks here.






A few of the speakers scheduled to deliver in-person and VTalks with specific schools include: 


For your reference, Broadcasts are talks that can be accessed by any young person. They typically last 1 hour and will be available online via our website. They will also be available as recordings in our Broadcast Library once they have aired. 


VTalks are virtual talks that are only available to a nominated school. They are not recorded or available to the general public. Schools wishing to host a VTalk can submit a booking request and they will be matched to a speaker who will address their school a pre-arranged time and date. VTalks use a video calling platform and typically last between 40-60 minutes. They can take many formats, but the most popular formats are either an interview format or Q and A session. 




Anyone can tune into one of our Work/Life broadcasts taking place throughout November. For dates and details of upcoming broadcasts for the Work/Life campaign, please email our Inspiration team


If you are a teacher or educator and would like to find out more about our Work/Life broadcast series or enquire about a VTALK for your school, please contact: 

watch the Virtual Broadcasts so far

Work/Life speakers

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